‘Tis the season to be… angry about religion

Dec 15, 2010

According to many in the media and across the country, Santa had better get his hard hat and AK-47 ready, because there’s a war brewing across the country against Christmas. Okay – maybe it’s not that dire, but over the past few years, greetings most likely aimed at being politically correct (like Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas) have been decried as public attacks against Christmas. From a parade in Tulsa changing its name and leaving out the word Christmas to allegations that a school district banned the colors red and green, some in the country, especially the media, seem determined to promote the idea that there’s an actual campaign against Christmas. So what’s the real deal? Is it really about the sanctity of a religion, or more to do with ratings? And why is a time of the year that’s supposed to be marked by peace being turned into a time to bicker with those who follow different philosophies?

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