Wizards, Potions & Wands

Jul 9, 2014

julia_edwards-1024x682We welcome and support any effort made to have kids nurture, nudge, and unlatch their imagination and through her new endeavor, Pasadena StoryLab, Julia Edwards is working to help children take the stories in their heads and get them down on paper with words or pictures, share them orally, and even to structure them into a play and act them out.

Edwards has a couple of summer classes available for children 5 to 8 years old, as well as seven years old and up. Already this summer, StoryLab has had middle schoolers write and “publish” their own newspaper called the Scallion and Edwards has conducted a writing and drawing class centered around treasure hunts.


In addition, the StoryLab Blog is where “young authors can see their own work published online!” Every month a story prompt is offered and kids may write, draw, or tell their stories, from which one will be chosen and published.

Our goal is to…find the joy in sharing our stories as we build the confidence of our young writers. (Pasadena Story Lab)

We thank Ms. Edwards for sharing the following information:

Who doesn’t want to be a wizard?  Or a fairy?  Or a three-headed goblin named Larry?  In this class, we will write stories and spells, draw death-defying duels, and perhaps mix some magical potions.  I hope they’re not poisonous!
Reading and writing skills not required.
Ages 5-8
July 21-25, 1-2:30 p.m.
Location:  Eaton Canyon
Cost: $105


Who says you need a theatre to put on a play? Why not a scene in the tree house? Or a play in a hobbit hole? We will seek inspiration for our plays from our environment and then perform the playlets during our final class.
Ages 7+
August 25-29, 9:30 a.m.-noon
Location:  Eaton Canyon
Cost: $165

For complete details, please visit To find our more information or to sign up your child for a class, email Julia Edwards at


NEW STORY BLOG:  (each month I will post a new prompt to generate stories.

Welcome to the StoryLab story blog where young authors can see their own work published online!

How to submit your work:

1)   Read the story prompt.

The July Story Blog Prompt is:

When I was little, I wrote a lot of books. Or at least the “table of contents” of a lot of books. One was called The Life of the Ant Family. It has twenty-five chapters. I wrote one and a half of them.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to write something about the ant family or an ant family or an ant or…an anteater? You could write one of the chapters I never wrote. Or write a new chapter. Or dream up a whole new life for some lucky ant.

2)   Write or draw or tell you story.

3) Send your text, image, or audio file to Julia Edwards at

4)   Pick some berries, bake a few pies, and then check back online to read/see/hear your story on your very own computer.

5)   Tell your friends and grandparents to check out your published story too!


Happy writing!




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