What a Wonderful World

Feb 16, 2014

ImageProxy.mvc“What a Wonderful World” comes to Art Center for Kids when their classes start on February 23rd. For students ages 4-8, Art Center offers “classes in creativity, innovation, and visual literacy.”

“Look Back in wonder…my 1st picture of Earth from the surface of Mars,” tweeted NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover last week. Accompanying that text was a photograph of a silhouetted Martian landscape with a tiny speck in the dark night sky labeled “Earth.” 

Each Spring term, all Art Center for Kids classes—from Design-a-Robot to Fashion Sketching—focus on a common theme:  imagining life on Mars. It’s part of the Imagine Mars Project, sponsored by NASA and the National Endowment for the Arts. (Art Center for Kids)


Make papier mache sculptures, design “using a variety of sketching, illustration, and presentation techniques”; learn how to storyboard; and learn to print by hand via screen printing, stamping, and stencil technique, and create your own product line—custom stationery, gift wrap, notebooks, patterned fabric, etc.

In “Architecture from the Inside Out,” kids are taught how to “construct one project that reflects the world around you from three different perspectives:  the near (things we touch), the middle (the spaces that hold us), and the far (the settings we live in.”

Family workshops include “Wacky Tiny Creatures” that begins March 2nd and “explores a living microscopic world through art projects, imaginative drawings, and 3D objects that bring these tiny creatures to live—playfully merging science with art.”

Another Sunday family workshop is “Simple Books & Paper Toys” starting April 6th. Basic paper folding techniques are taught, “transforming paper into origami animals, pop-up books, and magical paper toys.”

Art Center for Kids – Sunday Classes
Seven-week sessions, 1-4 p.m.
Cost:  $260 per class (exception:  photography, $275)
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