Unleash the Imagination!

Jan 18, 2012

Birthday buckets, clay people, wish boxes, and a karaoke bumble bee rumble? Could these disparate elements possibly have something in common? Why, yes. They can all be found at Little Junebugs.

Courtney Collins is co-owner and the creative director of Little Junebugs, a new children’s boutique and crafting studio.

She says their goal is to “provide a place for children to take a break and unplug.” The means for accomplishing this is feeding their creative instincts and curiosity, one interesting and engaging craft project at a time.

Projects are new each week, and on weekends there is a guided crafting club (for ages 5 and up). Junebugs also holds musical and theaterical events; has author readings and signings; and they offer a slew of birthday party options.

Birthday girls and boys can choose their own theme and itinerary from seventeen different lines. There are fairies hunting for sparkling snails; a tea party in a make-believe garden; caterpillar capers involving clues and riddles with Inspector Insecta; and even creating butterfly wings in order to be the belle of the ball (and learn the butterfly waltz along the way).

Famished party goers get their batteries recharged by Old Town’s Brothers Pies N’ Fries and their birthday sweet tooth satiated by the Sugar Fix Desserts.

Little Junebugs even has adult events like Decoupage Night on January 27th from 7-10 p.m. with a private party of pizza and drinks.

Little Junebugs
27 S. El Molino Ave.



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