Tools for Parents: Free Speaker Series

Sep 4, 2017

Going back to the dawn of Homo sapiens, perhaps as far back as 600,000 years ago, raising kids has never been simple or easy. Or at least, we assume so. Because whether they were archaic Homo sapiens or are evolved anatomically modern humans, kids are bloody kids—behaviors, pushback, and rebellion that makes a parent want to scream and run from the room. Or, get in the car and keep driving. Or, start drinking right after lunch.

To help with the historical challenge of raising children, Dr. Melissa Johnson, founder and CEO of the Institute for Girls’ Development and Dr. Vicki Chiang offer a free parenting speaker series, which includes practical tools for parents of girls and boys.


These free talks are scheduled for Wednesdays, 7 to 8:30 p.m.:

September 20 Building Grit: Empowering Kids for Resilience and Connection

October 18 Inside Out: Fostering Emotional IQ in Your Child

November 15Cliques, Conflicts & Connections: Strategies to Help Children and Teens Build Positive Friendships and Resolve Conflicts


This series is open to all parents, caregivers, and community leaders.

Location: USC Verdugo Hills Hospital, 4th floor council rooms, 1812 Verdugo Blvd., Glendale.

For any questions or more info, please call 1.818.583.4727 or email









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