REDCAT for Kids

Apr 27, 2014

Sweet Love_aThe arts center is called REDCAT and stands for the Roy and Edna Disney/CalArts Theater, operating within the Disney Concert Hall complex.

REDCAT continues the tradition of the California Institute of the Arts, its parent organization, by encouraging experimentation, discovery, and lively civid discourse. (

But, what about fun?

Fun comes in the manner of the REDCAT International Children’s Film Festival, which is in its ninth year and runs through May 11th. Live action and animated films from around the world, created by experienced filmmakers and the up-and-coming, may be viewed on the big screen.

“Some small things you forget to enjoy,” begins the narrator of Sweet Love written by Martijn Hillenuis and directed by Albert Jan van Rees of The Netherlands. “You got used to them because they’re there. That’s OK. You don’t have to shout for happiness each day the sun rises. Or thank heaven for each glass of lemonade. But sometimes the story, the history behind something has to be told.…”

Sweet Love is described as an epic love story and a mini-Titanic, mini-Annie, and a mini-Dirty Dancing. The clip we watched on Vimeo is beautifully shot, has subtitles, and, surprisingly, turns into a musical.

Sweet Love_b

Akiko McQuerrey began her Papa Cloudy project “as a way for me to feel better about the world.” Cloudy is a little cloud made out of felt that cries a lot (i.e. rains) but puts its heart into everything it does. (Akiko writes about a little cloud who puts his heart into everything he does.)

Papa Cloudy

Stefan Gruber of Seattle is sharing his Edible Rocks and says, “I like the tension that comes from hand drawn animation. There’s always a little bit more of the human nerve in the line.” The film is described as recounting the time when Stefan convinced his little brother that there were such things as edible rocks. It was drawn with charcoal, colored pencils, and gel pens.

My Strange Grandfather by Dana Velikovskaya of Russia is visually lovely and dramatic, and tells a story that, though familiar, is poignant and ageless.

My Strange Grandfather_a

All of these films may be viewed on Day 3 of the festival, which is Saturday, May 3rd. View the schedule for all remaining days here. Films are shown in blocks, three times a day.

REDCAT Int’l Children’s Film Festival
Saturdays & Sundays, May 3rd, 4th, 10th, & 11th
Location:  631 W. 2nd St., L.A. 9oo12
Cost:  $5 for each time block of films
Purchase tickets here
For complete details, visit

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