Jumping into a Masterpiece

May 26, 2014

Aspens-Horizontal-Northern-New-Mexico-Ansel-Adams-1958Ever look at Paul Cézanne’s Farmhouse and Chestnut Trees at Jas de Bouffan and think, “I’d like to be right there”? Or make room for yourself amongst Paul Klee’s Two Heads? Maybe take a walk through the woods in Ansel Adams’ Aspens, New Mexico or tie on your ballet shoes and slip in amongst Edgar Degas’ Dancers in the Wings?

Sunday, June 1st, the Norton Simon Museum presents “Imagining Yourself into Art,” allowing 4-8 year olds to draw a picture of themselves into a painting of their choice. No reservations needed. Free event with admission. For details, visit

Other children programs coming up in June:

Pop-Up Garden, Thursday, June 12th, 1 p.m.: The Museum’s sculpture garden was inspired by Claude Monet’s famous garden at Giverny, which was also one of his most famous subjects. Look at Monet’s The Artist’s Garden at Vétheuil and the Norton Simon garden, and then create a garden of your own…in 3D. (Text courtesy of Norton Simon Museum.)

Masquerade, Thursday, June 19th, 1-3 p.m.: You can find more characters than you can imagine in almost any museum and the Norton Simon has photographic portraits and painted portraits. “There’s an assortment of expressions, hats and hairstyles. Choose one of your favorites, and then make a mask inspired by that portrait.”

Treasured Books, Thursday, June 26th, 1-3 p.m.: Tibetan Buddhists revere their texts, and they show this reverence by creating elaborate book covers to protect them. These covers are often carved with decorative reliefs, including figures, animals and stylized foliage, as can be seen in the examples on display in the exhibition In the Land of Snow. Following the Tibetan example, create your own unique cover for a book that you treasure. (Text courtesy of Norton Simon Museum.)




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