Books: Bobby vs. Girls

Apr 18, 2010

Bobby vs. Girls (Accidently)
By Lisa Yee
Illustrations by Dan Santat

Bobby and Holly have been best friends since, well, since forever. The only time they’re not best friends is when they’re at school, because it would be weird to have a friend who’s a girl at school. Holly is a great friend because she doesn’t act like a girl. She likes looking for rocks and playing carnival games and rolling down hills in a tire. She even likes frogs! Then all of a sudden, going into 4th grade, she’s straightening her hair, wearing dresses and hanging out with Jillian Zarr. Jillian Zarr hates boys.

When Bobby accidentally scratches Holly’s face with his jacket zipper and then accidentally splashes red paint on her dress — it becomes Bobby vs. girls (accidentally). Bobby isn’t completely sure how it all happened or what to do to get things back to the way they used to be, and the only one he can talk to who really seems to understand what Bobby is going through is his goldfish, Rover.

Lisa Yee has once again hit a home run, creating totally likable characters in laugh-out-loud funny predicaments. In her first book for younger audiences, she has captured the triumphs and disasters of being in 4th grade with the same sensitivity, insight and humor as her novels for middle school and high school audiences. Dan Santat’s distinctive, humorous illustrations add to the fun, and together they have created a great read for anyone who is challenged by the trials and tribulations of navigating the confusing world of 4th grade and the opposite sex.

And as a bonus, both the author and illustrator are locals — Yee lives in South Pasadena, and Santat lives in Alhambra.

Bobby vs. Girls (Accidentally) is available in hardcover ($15.99) and coming out in paperback ($5.99) on May 1.

Kris Vreeland is the children’s book buyer for Vroman’s Bookstore; you can order the book from Vroman’s here.



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