Being R.E.A.L.

Mar 25, 2014

workshops-for-girls2Any child who has entered daycare, pre-school, or public or private school knows that finding friends, building friendships, and navigating a friendship can be rewarding, fun, and exciting as well as disheartening, hurtful, stressful, and confusing.

In answer, Pasadena’s Institute for Girls’ Development has created Be R.E.A.L. – Relationships:  Extraordinary, Authentic, Loving™.

This particular program is geared to help middle school girls learn how to deal with cliques, exclusion, and difficulties with other kids in their neighborhood, at school, or even online, and to help them learn how to forge honest, positive, and meaningful friendships. Workshops also attend to the needs of parents, helping them understand the social world of middle school girls, offering a place for them to connect with other parents dealing with these issues and offering strategies to help empower their child so that she can create positive friendships.

Helping girls grow in mindfulness, happiness, and hardiness, in self-compassion and community, in finding the courage to be true to themselves and allies with others—this is the journey. (Melissa Johnson, PhD., founder and licensed psychologist)


Be R.E.A.L. – Relationships:  Extraordinary, Authentic, Loving
Summer Workshop:  July 14th-18th
Monday-Thursday, 2-4 p.m.; Friday, 2-5 p.m.
Cost:  $285
For details, visit





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