Wistaria, Wistaria!

Mar 11, 2014

1604803_10152095071954215_1889956137_n“Viewing the vine.”

Sunday, March 16th, Sierra Madre presents its annual, every-popular Wistaria Festival in Memorial Park with viewings of the historic vine available via shuttle from 9 a.m to 4 p.m.

The Guinness Book of World Records has certified the vine as the world’s largest blossoming plant, and estimates that at its peak, the vine had as many as 1.5 million blooms, weighed 250 tons, and covered more than an acre of ground. The vine is so large that it encompasses the better part of two properties. At one point the vine, which was originally planted in 1894, actually destroyed a structure on one of the properties, which crumbled under its weight. Sierra Madre Chamber of Commerce

Downtown Sierra Madre will host over 100 vendors with a dozen musical acts at various locations.

Wistaria Festival 2014
Sunday, March 16th
Downtown festival is free & wistaria viewing is free, but with a steep uphill climb, a shuttle is available
Purchase shuttle tickets online here
For more info, visit their Facebook events page 


Nel Solt (below) being interviewed in front of her beloved wistaria; she and her husband bought the property over 40 years ago, primarily for this famous climbing shrub—which is a member of the pea family, no less (Genus Wisteria, family Leguminosae).

Photo courtesy of Sierra Madre Wistaria Festival

Photo courtesy of Sierra Madre Wistaria Festival

Photo by Jorge Vismara (2009)

Photo by Jorge Vismara (2009)




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