Lincoln Avenue Nursery Spring Sale

Mar 22, 2016

Fragrant-Brass-Band-roseEvery time we take a break from work and sit on our patio, we look at the four various cacti that are stuffed into the pots in which we bought them and feel like a neglectful parent. Even as they’ve grown, we haven’t found the time or made the effort to transplant them into larger pots—or at least something that’s not a cheap plastic container. They look forlorn.We feel guilty, and then we return to work.

Then we received a flyer and we have planned a venture to Lincoln Avenue Nursery before the end of March to take advantage of its spring sale. We shall  shop for succulent-appropriate soil and a bright pot or two for transplanting. Perhaps we can revive the spirits of our woebegone cacti yet.






Through March 28, all plants are 20% off, all dry goods are 10% off (sod and bulk soil not included), and all Dr. Earth products are 20% off.

Dr. Earth was founded by Milo Shammas in Winters, California and the company is dedicated to organic gardeners. The company offers premium soils; dry, liquid, and single ingredient fertilizers; a compost starter; and lawn food. We’ll have to consult someone at Lincoln Avenue Nursery, but we’re leaning towards Dr. Earth’s “Pot of Gold” premium soil. With ingredients such as earthworm casting, yucca extract, and oyster shell, how can our cacti refuse?

Lincoln Avenue Nursery, 804 Lincoln Ave., Pasadena 91103. Hours: Monday-Friday, 7 a.m.-5 p.m.; Saturday, 7 a.m.-4 p.m.; and Sunday, 8:30 a.m.-3 p.m. Phone: 1.626.792.2138 or 1.626.710.8790.




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