It’s Bananas

Jan 12, 2014

cherry treeThe backyard grass wet with pulp, beaten down by dropping fruit. Do you have a fruit tree that is unattended except for when you need a slice of lemon for your cocktail? The branches weighted down by ripe fruit, the leaves crowded?

Garden Talks with Lili Singer welcomes Kazi Patelka on Thursday, January 16th for “From Bananas to Cherries: Selecting and Tending Fruit Trees.”

Learn to choose and place fruit trees to suit your garden’s individuality. Discover how feeding the soil and observing and encouraging a natural balance in the garden will keep your fruit trees fit and productive. Kazi has been growing fruit and vegetables in southern California for 33 years and raising chickens and turkeys for 12. Her last orchard produced 120 different kinds of fruit. She gives lectures, leads garden tours and teaches adults and children.

Bananas to Cherries: Garden Talks with Lili Singer
Thursday, Jan. 16th, 9:30 a.m.-noon
The Arboretum, 301 N. Baldwin Ave., Arcadia 91007
Cost: $20 per class ($100 for series)
Make reservation or pay at the door (pre-registration preferred)
Call 626.821.4623 or email

Other upcoming classes in the Garden Talks’ Winter Series:
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Jan. 30 – The Rise, Decline, and Rise of Food Preservation
Feb. 6 – Dreams & the Dream Landscape
Feb. 13 – The Birder’s Garden
Feb. 20 – Field Trip: Audobon Ctr. at Debs Park (pre-registration required)
Feb. 27 – Gardening with History





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