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Feb 3, 2016
Adi Tatarko and Alon Cohen wanted to remodel their 4-bedroom ranch house in Palo Alto, according to George Anders, contributor to And that’s when it all began…


One of oft-repeated catchphrases of (primarily) politicians running for office is living “the American dream,” of which one essential element is buying and owning one’s home.

The thought of no longer living amid the bland, soulless off-white walls of a rental with horrid wall-to-wall orange-brown carpeting that can’t be removed or chipping linoleum that won’t be replaced by an off-site landlord—a home of one’s own is a dream come true. But once the front door keys are in hand and boxes are stacked in every room, there’s designing, decorating and purchasing to be done. Maybe even hiring and contracting. Where to begin? How to organize?

Tatarko and Cohen began their home design website Houzz while still holding “regular” jobs and raising three boys. Within six years, the site became so popular they needed to take the plunge, finding investors and committing to Houzz full time.

In his article, Houzz’s Founders Have Become Tech’s Newest Power Couple, Anders reports that by 2014 some users were browsing Houzz 100 times a month and “interior designers no longer lug big binders to client meetings.… They show up with iPads running Houzz.”¹


All photos courtesy of Houzz


Now Houzz has come a skippin’ our way and produced, directed, and funded “Meet the Gamble House, a ‘Symphony in Wood.'” This almost 7-minute short may be seen on Houzz TV and is narrated by Gamble House Director Ted Bosley. Some beautiful aerial shots provide views not often seen and the Director of Photography should be commended for the lovely interior shots and close-ups of this Greene & Greene brothers’ masterpiece—and one of Pasadena’s most beloved treasures.


Craftsman Family Room by Menifee Photographers Kiler Photography


Houzz has kindly offered to share its short, “Meet the Gamble House: A Symphony in Wood,” with Hometown Pasadena readers…



All photos courtesy of Houzz and sourced from “Houzz TV: Meet the Gamble House, a ‘Symphony in Wood’ ” by John Hill, 2 February 2016 at




¹ “Houzz’s Founders Have Become Tech’s Newest Power Couple” by George Anders, November 3, 2014.





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