Free Mulch!

Jun 28, 2010


Mulch is a versatile substance. Most people think of its many uses in the garden: moisture retention, reduced erosion, suppressed weed growth and a staggered supply of nutrients. However, mulch can be used for all sorts of other things. Many playgrounds use rubber mulch as a safer surface alternative to gravel and broken glass. Some people make mulch art. Some people live in dens of mulch. You can even eat mulch* in a pinch, as long as it’s organic.

Pasadena appreciates the many uses of mulch, so much so that Public Works has struck a deal with a local tree trimming company to provide Pasadena residents with free mulch, by appointment. Call up Steven’s Tree Experts (626.794.6911) to get yours. Right now Steve and his experts are the only participants, but check the Public Works site periodically for updates. Mulch on!

*Note: Do not eat mulch.



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