Camellia, Camellia

Feb 9, 2012

This weekend our intrepid weather persons are predicting partly cloudy skies on Saturday, and sunny skies on Sunday with temperatures in the mid-60’s. Wondering how to spend a mild winter weekend? Maybe a competition in the world of camellias would be the answer.

The Huntington is holding its 40th Annual Camellia Show, where “hundreds of blooms will compete for the top honors.” We’re not sure though, how flowers actually compete—do they huddle into teams? What will it be, ladies and gentlemen, the hardy Camellia japonica overwhelming the somewhat less hardy Sasanqua? But wait, don’t forget about the Oleifera, the blue-collar worker of camellias (their pressed seeds produce tea-oil). And how shall the Yennan fare, being the most tender of camellias? Who will come out on top? You have to be there to find out!

You may even be lured by one of the varieties of camellias for sale, and find yourself going home with a plant of your own, ready to coach it into blossoming with your own award-winning blooms.

40th Annual Camellia Show
Sat.-Sun., Feb. 11-12, 10:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
The Huntington Botanical Gardens, 1151 Oxford Road



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