Blooms That Last Forever

Jul 22, 2013

IMG_3388We readily admit that this subject does not embody the exact definition of “garden” in Home & Garden because the blooms we are talking about are not of the living, photosynthesizing variety. They are more of the pulp variety. As in, made out of paper. When we came upon these particular blooms, they were so lovely that we made the executive decision to exaggerate the definition of “garden” for this week.

Courtney Collins, co-owner of Little Junebugs in Pasadena, has not only built up this children’s boutique and crafting studio, she’s also embarked on Primrose Blooms. We quickly say, these are not your wilting, dusty, unimaginative crepe paper artificial flowers. These are made out of card stock (supplies from Michaels!) with several doses of secret ingredients and technique that produce vibrant, fanciful, and enchanting blooms.

All ready, Courtney has booked two weddings, shipping flowers for one of them to Florida (“They held up perfectly”), created featured gifts, bereavement bouquets, and a large arrangement sits in the window of the salon she frequents, Salon de la Cruz on Green Street. Other businesses have been inquiring recently about having her design displays for their storefronts.

Courtney’s blog, PrimroseBlooms, posts articles on constructed flowers every Thursday. This week, daffodils. Next week, vintage roses. She’s working, as well, on offering an adult flower-making class.

Bouquets start at $30 and arrangements run up to $75 and $100.

For inquiries, Courtney invites you to email ( or call her at the store (626.440.7300)

Little Junebugs
27 S. El Molino Ave., Pasadena, CA 91101
Courtney’s blog: PrimroseBlooms

All photos by Tanya Alexis of Original Kids By Tanya Alexis













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