47th South Pas. Garden Tour

Apr 2, 2017

Free tours are a lovely thing for those of us scratching together the shekels, so pull out your calendar and start typing: Sunday, April 30th is the 47th Annual South Pasadena Garden Tour.

The sustainable gardens of 6 homes are open for viewing between 1 and 4 p.m., from up in the hills on Via Del Rey and Camino Verde down to the “flats” of South Pasadena. The architectural styles of the homes run quite the gamut, as well.

Have your agave attenuate been multiplying like bunnies? Thin the herd and enjoy the plant swap at 565 Camino Verde. Too many paddle plants? Swap for some Donkey’s Tail, a “Lipstick” echeveria, or zebra Haworthia. The variety of succulents we get to enjoy here in Southern California with their range of colors, textures, shapes, and flowers never fails to delight us. Perhaps this is due to our upbringing in the tame lands of New England, but even after 26 years as a Californian, we inwardly giggle at the sight of LithopsBishop’s Cap, the flip-floppy Propeller plant, and Agave horrid. Even the common names are cause to smile.

Following the tour, folks are invited to stop at the South Pasadena Community Garden for an open house at 1028 Magnolia Street.

If we’re in for more wet weather, the rain date is May 7.


47th Annual Sth. Pasadena Garden Tour
Sunday, April 30th, 1-4 p.m.
Locations vary
Free event
For more info, click here or visit







We were minding our own business, snapping the pic above, thinking we were quite alone. His squawk made us jump and nearly topple out of our clogs.







The City of South Pasadena’s maintenance of its parks, medians, public parks, and hedges is now 100% gas and emissions free. For this, the City was recognized by various state and congressional representatives, including Assemblyman Chris Holden, on September 9, 2016, as the first Agza Green Zone City in the nation. Agza estimates that this change in procedure will save South Pasadena 31 tons of pollutants each year.

All lawn mowing and leaf blowing in city-owned property—which consists of forty-one acres is total—are thanks to low-noise, zero-emissions equipment, reports KPCC.

The switch was the product of a three-year joint effort between South Pasadena and the American Green Zone Alliance (AGZA), a Southern California-based organization dedicated to making landscape maintenance work more environmentally friendly. And South Pasadena’s long haul toward emissions-free landscaping has earned it the title of the first AGZA “Green Zone” city in the country – a certification that AGZA awarded to the city on Friday.

“South Pasadena is not a huge city, but they’ve been champions of this,” Luke Massman-Johnson, AGZA’s chief financial officer, told KPCC. “Three-year-olds and five-year-olds on the swings [in public parks] are not breathing fumes anymore.”
—89.3 KPCC,


Photo credit: South Pasadena Beautiful.


Never stopped by the South Pasadena Community Garden? Here’s a peek…







For more photos of the South Pasadena Community Garden, visit “The Lay of the Land (or Community Garden)” in this week’s edition of Hometown Pasadena.




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