Mystery History No. 28

May 28, 2014

Mystery HistoryWhere are we?

What’s happening?

In the circa 1900 photo (right), men lounge in what is identified on the back as “the rotunda” at the Hotel Green.

I did a somewhat comprehensive post about the Hotel Green on my Pasadena PIO blog in 2011. You can see that post here for plenty of background.

A couple of photos that weren’t included in that post:

The Moorish Room circa 1900 in the portion of the hotel that is now known as the Castle Green

Mystery History 3
…and the Moorish Room today:

Moorish Room
A woman examining flowers in the lush gardens:

Mystery History 4

And of course, here’s the Castle Green today as seen from across the street.castle_bridge_pc_imageMany thanks to the Pasadena Museum of History for the black-and-white photos above and the Castle Green for the color photos.

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