Mission San Gabriel Arcángel

Oct 7, 2013
San Gabriel Arcangel Mission

Photo courtesy of Water and Power Associates

This photo of the Mission San Gabriel Arcángel is circa 1870.

The dirt road was part of “El Camino Real” – the 600-mile California Mission Trail connecting the former Atla California’s 21 missions. The Moorish influence of the mission is evidenced by the Buttressed walls, vaulted roof, and fortress-like appearance. The walls are original and are over four feet thick, with sections through the buttresses as much as seven feet thick. (


This is the view of the western and south facade of the mission. Note the writing on the wooden fence. Many merchants used this space to “advertise” their good, which included furniture, clothing, drug pharmacy, and guns and ammunition (

Photo courtesy of Water and Power Associates

Photo courtesy of Water and Power Associates

Within the Mission is the baptistery. The floor, walls, and domed ceiling are original. Here rests the hand hammered copper baptismal font, which was a personal gift of King Carlos III of Spain. Also, is the same sterling silver baptismal shell carried by the founding fathers over 200 years ago, from which in November 1771, the first Tongva child received Baptism. (

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

San Gabriel Mission Church, 428 S. Mission Dr., San Gabriel 91776



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