“I Was a Little Kobe”

Feb 4, 2013
All images courtesy of PMH

All images courtesy of PMH

“I was a little Kobe! All you had to do was give me the ball. In fact, if I couldn’t go to school when they went out to play, they wouldn’t go—because I was it! As I said, I was a little Kobe.”

If you’re visualizing a long-limbed male jock-type from that quote, think again. This “little Kobe” is 102-years-young Corrie Harris, who has been gracing Pasadena with her ebullient presence for 76 years. In an oral history project for Pasadena Museum of History completed in 2012, Corrie spoke of her family, careers, courtship, church work, and what life is like as a centenarian.

On her real estate career: “I’ll never forget when I was in real estate and I asked this lady if she wanted to sell her home because there was a Black had bought a house next door to her. So she said to me, ‘Yeah, I’m going to sell.’ She said, ‘But how far are they down there?’ And I said, ‘Well, not very far—but when they get here, they won’t bite you!'”

On her health: “Only thing the matter with me is my knees, and I’ve come to the conclusion now that I’m not going to talk about them anymore, because anytime you carry something 101 years, what do you expect?”

Watch the full interview here:

This Oral History Video is part of a special project by Pasadena Museum of History in conjunction with the City of Pasadena’s 125th birthday in 2011, and was made possible by a generous grant from the Eli Family Foundation.





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