City Hall Historic Photos

Jul 15, 2013

CH-1927-154I think this must have been shot from the top of All Saints. That’s the St. Andrew’s Church tower in the background, mid-right. I’m not sure what the church is on the far right. Maybe Pasadena Congregational at the southeast corner of Los Robles and Walnut? Anybody have a better guess?

No hard hats, no knee pads, no steel-toed boots, no nail guns. Just hard, honest work.



Oh, my aching back!


Two lone cast-stone torches:


Check out the wagon in the lower left:


Where the big clock would be placed in the grand entrance (the clock still runs beautifully):


There’s no way to know what the photographer was going for. The hat? The pick axe? What grabs you about this one?



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Ann ErdmanAnn Erdman is happily retired after decades of loyal service to the City of Pasadena as Public Information Officer. Her blog can be found at

2 Responses for “City Hall Historic Photos”

  1. It’s hard to tell, but in the top photo, could the church on the far right actually be a tower of the old library at Walnut and Raymond?

  2. Wendy says:

    I was fascinated about segregation in Pasadena. Anyone have more stories.



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