Wardrobe for a Girl

Mar 3, 2015

nature-woman-waiting-black-clouds-dark-girl-lake-reflection-white-257211A grandmother needs a crib and a bed so her grandchildren can stay with her; a working mom needs a supply of diapers to leave at daycare for her toddler; a family living in a converted garage needs a refrigerator to maintain custody of the children. Through the Adopt a Child Abuse Caseworker (ACAC) Program church groups provide such emergency items to children and families on the case load of an adopted caseworker. (

Today, according to Monica Hubbard of Wired Women, the urgent need is…

New or “gently used” clothing for a 15-year-old girl, women’s sizes 10-12. To answer a frequent question about “gently used”: clothing should be in a condition suitable for “hand-me-downs” with no rips or stains and ready to wear. Items should be washed or dry cleaned and, if possible, sorted by size.

To arrange for pick-ups or delivery, contact:

All Saints Foster Care Project acts as advocates and provides direct services for “children and youth who have been removed from the care of their parents to the supervision of the state.”

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