Volunteer @ 5 Acres’ Annual Golf Classic

Aug 8, 2017

We’ve found that the majority of time, volunteering is an effective way of increasing our sense of well being. Leaving our problems aside momentarily offers us an opportunity to recharge and to re-energize by focusing on helping others.

On September 8, Five Acres holds its annual golf classic fundraiser and dinner—the “Mad for Plaid Par-Tee“—and volunteers are wanted. Both morning, afternoon, and evening shifts are needed. Golfing beings at 10 a.m., while evening cocktails with live entertainment, an auction, and dinner begins at 5 p.m. The event is held at the Annandale Golf Club on San Rafael Avenue in Pasadena. If you’re interested, please email

Five Acres was established almost 130 years, founded as an orphanage and evolving into “creating permanency for children and families.”



Other volunteering options are available at Five Acres for people interested in contributing their time, expertise, and skills. Five acres always welcomes new “angels” who organize birthday parties for the children and monthly activities. If working one-on-one is more of interest, Five Acres has a “special friends” program. Young people are welcome to contribute, too, in Five Acres’ “junior philanthropy network” where youth can organize a fundraising event, create a campaign, help with the Back to School Angels, Giving Tuesday, and Happy Birthday campaigns.

For details on volunteering options at Five Acres, please visit


Annandale Golf Club.



About 5 Acres from “Five Acres: Remaining Innovative“:

The Boys’ and Girls’ Aid Society of Los Angeles County (now Five Acres) is one of the oldest charity organizations in the area, opening in 1888 as an orphanage. As they state on their website, this was the year that Grover Cleveland was re-elected as president, the average wage was $2.26 a day ($565 a year), a patent for the first camera was filed by George Eastman, and Susan B. Anthony initiated the women’s movement.

A mere 15 years later, Theodore Roosevelt was in the White House, the average wage had decreased to $481, Orville Wright survived the first powered flight of an aircraft with a petrol engine, the 2nd Rose Bowl game is played in Pasadena, and BGAS moves to the city.

In 1909, Teddy chaired a White House conference on dependent children, resulting in “the beginning of federal uniform protection for children.”

The “Children’s Charter” in 1930 declared “the rights of all children to have a safe home and school environments, and to receive medical care.”

Today, says Five Acres CEO Chanel Boutakidis, the organization has moved away from “raising children” to “promoting safety, well-being, and creating permanency for the children and families.” The emphasis is on “family finding,” whether that means digging and researching to find biological relatives with whom to unite the child or through adoption (Five Acres has been licensed for adoption since 2001).


Five Acres campus.


Five Acres campus.





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