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Jan 18, 2016

LexiLoyal, personality, special, companion. These are the traits that look for and develop in its last-resort rescue dogs.

TDFA was founded to train and help place German Shepherds, which traditionally are difficult to place. “To our knowledge, no local rescue has ever specialized in the rehabilitation of high-drive and sometimes mischievous working shepherds residing in public animal shelters.”

According to TDFA, shelters may determine that a dog’s temperament is “too challenging” for the average person or family that adopts from its shelter, so these shepherds may not even be made available to the general public. “TDFA frequently becomes their last resort.”

Time and experience has taught TDFA that “owner surrender stories” cannot always be trusted, so when it is contacted by a shelter and an assessment is requested, TDFA personnel conduct their own, independent assessment. (TDFA is located in Altadena and all personnel are volunteers.)



MOOSE: “Exceptional in every way.” Active, boundless energy; training in progress. Available for adoption.



Placing an adult German Shepherd is no quick deed, but TDFA is in for the long haul:

TDFA understands that the placement of some of these dogs may be difficult and may not occur for extended periods of time. Our philosophy is to wait for the right home, rather than approve an adoption to an unqualified or fickle adopter.

Once a dog is accepted into the TDFA family, we remain committed to the welfare of that dog to the very end. We would rather decline multiple applications than knowingly approve a single adoption to the wrong home.





“We could not rescue, feed, provide vet care, train and shelter these amazing dogs that have been forsaken and in many cases abused by their owners, without out the in-kind and financial support from businesses, friends, and neighbors in Altadena.

From animal shelters, Girl Scout troops, and other local non-profits to members of the community—who donate funds as well as their new and gently used clothes and household items for re-sale in our quarterly yard sales, and local graphic designers and printers who donate their time and services to assist us in getting our jewelry ready for our annual Valentine’s Day and Christmas earring sales, and to our local retail partner, Meredith M, who not only sells our product, but also helps to spread the word about TDFA and its programs—we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We look forward to continuing to partner with everyone for years to come.”
—Catherine Peters, co-founder and president, TDFA.


SCOOBY: Large and sensitive. Loves to run and play with handlers. Available for adoption.

SCOOBY: Large and sensitive. Loves to run and play with handlers. Available for adoption.


SADIE, pictured below (text thanks to TDFA):

Sadie is a beautiful 3-year-old spayed female. In early November 2014, authorities were called to an industrial yard where the cry of a dog had been heard for more than 8 hours. Thanks to the work of Animal Control and the Fire Department, Sadie was rescued from the wheel well of a semi truck where she had been trapped for an entire night. According to her rescuers, she was in shock and virtually dead. Further investigation revealed that she lived in squalid conditions on the grounds of the business. She received food and water only once per week. She was surely hunting for food when she found herself wedged in the truck. After being made aware of her situation by the kind folks at Animal Control, we were happy to accept her into our program.

Sadie is now safe in our hands. Despite her inhumane treatment, she loves people and craves attention. She is learning basic obedience skills. Please come meet this wonderful girl!


SADIE: Available for adoption.

SADIE: Available for adoption.


“Giving back to the communities we serve is part of our DNA. Both Michael and I are animal lovers and owners of several rescue dogs so our partnership with TFDA really speaks to us,” says Meredith Miller, co-owner of Meredith M in Altadena.

“We were delighted to be one of the local businesses chosen to sell their ornament earrings during the month of December. All proceeds – $400 – from the sale of these colorful and festive earrings were donated back to TFDA to fund their rescue efforts. Michael and I are so passionate about the great work being done by TDFA that we decided that Meredith M would match funds raised in the store and rounded it up to an even $1,000. In the coming months, we look forward to continuing to work with Catherine and her team to raise awareness and funds for TDFA.”

Meredith M, 2450 N. Lake Ave., Altadena 91001. Tel.: 1.626.204.2677.



(L to R): Catherine Peters and Meredith Miller


Learn more at

Trained Dogs for Adoption, 301 E. Loma Alta Dr., Altadena 91001. Phone: 1.626.345.0110. Email:



SLIM: “He has a quiet confidence and a positive attitude.” Available for adoption.


A few words from Tom Peters, President of TDFA:

If you have ever had the pleasure of sharing your home with a German Shepherd dog, you know how smart, protective and mischievous they can be.

Unfortunately, these very traits can be a death sentence for a German Shepherd at an overcrowded animal shelter. We frequently meet these dogs on the worst day of their lives. Rather than look the other way, TDFA actively seeks, trains and place these dogs in loving and qualified homes. As a result, we know our dogs better than most, and can give potential adopters a more complete picture of the dog’s temperament and personality. We believe that this unique process is fundamental to matching you with the right dog. If you have room in your heart for one of these beautiful souls, please contact us. Your best friend is waiting for you.


Tom Peters has substantial experience in the assessment, taming, care and training of fractious, difficult-to-place German Shepherd dogs. For more than a decade, Tom has worked with hundreds of German Shepherd rescue dogs on behalf of numerous and various dog rescue organizations. He has volunteered at public shelters, rescue kennels, commercial kennels and sanctuaries. Tom has successfully fostered dominant large-breed dogs in his own home with his own German Shepherd dogs. He credits his understanding of the German Shepherd breed to the years he has spent observing, assessing, taming, befriending and training the dogs in a kennel environment where they wait, sometimes for years, until they find their permanent home. (



LEXI: Exceptionally smart, craves human interaction, active, slightly sassy, brains & beauty! Available for adoption.


All photos courtesy of Trained Dogs for Adoption.



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