Making Real Change

Aug 12, 2014

make change countOn August 13th, Pasadena Mayor Bill Bogaard will unveil a meter.

Why so special?

This so-called meter is a new “donation meter” for collecting spare change, the proceeds of which will help fund homes for the homeless. Small change as well as credit card donations will be accepted “through (these) uniquely designed meters.”

Beginning at 11 a.m., a representative from Art Center College of Design, United Way of Greater Los Angeles, and East West Bank will speak at the “Real Change Movement” ceremony at Fuller Theological Seminary where the first meter will be located. Also on hand will be the two people who’ve spearheaded this program, Flintridge Center‘s President Jaylene Moseley and Pasadena’s Housing and Career Services Director William Huang.

The Denver’s Road Home‘s donation meter program that’s been implemented is “an effort to redirect the money given to panhandlers into initiatives that provide meals, job training, substance abuse counseling, (and) housing.” DRH is hoping to raise $100,000 a year.




Lawrence, Kansas has 6 donation meters in the city center. The San Luis Obispo Tribune reported in April of this year that the city installed 6 of these meters in the downtown area. The article states that “according to some accounts, (the program) has contributed to a more than 80 percent drop in the number of panhandlers in the city.”

Virginia Beach and San Diego also have initiated the meter donation program. The “Make Change Count” program in downtown San Diego benefits a local nonprofit Ending Homelessness Campaign. As of last November, Matthew Wood of NBC San Diego reported that 20 meters had been installed with another 15 planned during this year.

If Pasadena’s meter program can come close to these numbers in terms of meters throughout the city, donation dollars, consequential effect on local homelessness, then “Real Change” may do just that….

“Real Change Movement” Unveiling
Wednesday, August 13th, 11 a.m.
Fuller Theological Seminary
180 N. Oakland Ave., Pasadena
For more info, call Juan Villalpando at 213.683.2110







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