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Jul 15, 2013

Photo courtesy of Studio 13 San RafaelPlacing art and creativity at the heart of learning. That is the driving force behind the concept of Room 13.

In 1994, a group of students worked and opened their own art studio in Room 13, Caol Primary School, near Fort William, Scotland. Since then, Room 13 studios have popped up in South Africa, China, Nepal, Turkey, India, and Canada. In Villetaneuse, France, 31 students come in during their lunch hours or after school. Working with Artist in Residence Gerard Le Geurn, they created self-portraits and sold them in an exhibition at an advertising agency in Paris.

Room 13 studios exist so that children have a place to create and nurture their creativity. They receive learned instruction and experience from Artists in Residence. Students are encouraged to think for themselves and take the lead—learning about the “real” world by dreaming up and fulfilling entrepreneurial endeavors that raise funds to replenish supplies and allow for upkeep and improvements.

Locally, Light Bringer Project has helped bring the first Studio 13 creative spaces to America, establishing sites at Charles W. Eliot Middle School and  John Muir where Mri Scott ElBey is the resident artist.

Photo courtesy of Room 13 San Rafael

Photo courtesy of Room 13 San Rafael

Now San Rafael Elementary School students will be the beneficiaries of a Room 13 studio.

Do you have any stuff that needs handing down, like sketch books that you bought with the best of intentions, but instead have gathered dust on the shelf? Think about donating them…

For four days—through Thursday, July 18th—you can bring leftovers, scraps, slightly used supplies directly to the San Rafael office, 8 a.m.-noon. There will also be a grand receiving-donations & clean-up day on Saturday, August 3rd. But why wait; get in early! Clean out those closets, boxes, shelves, and bins. Help nurture the creative drive in young kids who are just learning to express themselves—an indispensable and vital ability that will benefit them all of their lives.

Wish List:

  • pencils, pens, colored pens, crayons, paint, paint brushes, containers for paint, markers, calligraphy pens, ink pads, stamps
  • paper, sketch pads, canvases or anything else that can be painted on, decorative papers
  • yarn and knitting or crochet materials
  • rulers, T-squares, aprons, smocks
  • fabric, sewing scraps, buttons, ribbons, needles, thread, sewing scissors
  • art books, photography books, bookshelves, easels
  • plastic bowls and plates, bean bag chairs, outdoor furniture

What else is in your closet, way at the back, just out of reach? Do you really need it? Could it be used in an art piece?

To help it find its way to Room 13 – San Rafael, drop off item(s) at San Rafael Elementary School, 1090 Nithsdale Road, Pasadena 91105 or email Allison Pultz at

Follow Room 13- San Rafael and their progress on their Facebook page. Here’s one posting:

Thank you, Mr. Rollin Homer at Art Center for giving Kelly Philips, Nery Gabriel Lemus and me a tour of the studio furniture you are able to donate to Room 13. We will be back with a truck!

It’s clearly evident that this room—the future Room 13 studio at San Rafael Elementary School, pictured below—needs a major dose of creativity! Can you help?

photo courtesy of room 13 at san rafael elementary






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