Lights, Camera, Altadena!

May 5, 2011

See those film and catering trucks lining the streets? It’s pilot season once again.

Altadena has been the home of many famous film and television locations – from Beverly Hills, 90210 to Curb Your Enthusiam. With the increase in filming in Altadena, a minor glitch has been uncovered: how to keep Altadena “film-friendly?”

Unlike neighboring towns such as Pasadena and South Pasadena, Altadena is not an incorporated city and, therefore, does not benefit from the funds that are generated through fees and taxes from filming. In order to preserve the film friendliness and goodwill of the entire community, Russ Fega, owner of Home Shoot Home, a film location agency specializing in the West San Gabriel area (and Hometown Pasadena advertiser) formed the Altadena Community Chest, a non-profit organization that will benefit all of Altadena.

Altadena Community Chest is now able to receive voluntary, tax-deductible donations from production companies that film in Altadena in order to benefit a broad spectrum of Altadena-based charitable organizations and civic activities. Companies that book jobs locally will be asked to make a donation.

Says Fega, “I am very excited at the prospect of keeping Altadena film-friendly and, at the same time, enriching the lives of the residents here.”

The money raised will be distributed to several groups such as Five Acres, an organization that works to prevent child abuse and neglect, the Arroyos & Foothills Conservancy, an organization that works to preserve the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains as natural open space, as well as several others that you can read more about on the newly created website.





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