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Apr 28, 2013

invisible-peopleMark Horvath, aka @hardlynormal,…uses social media and web video to tell the stories of homeless men and women. Having once been homeless himself, Mark knows what it’s like to be out on the streets, too often treated like a statistic. (

On the front page of Horvath’s blog, there’s a rectangular box with rounded edges. “Caution” is written in white against a maroon-brown background, followed by this message: “Some content may be offensive. Our hope is you’ll get mad enough to do something.”

It seems he has succeeded. Through Facebook, YouTube, twitter, Flickr, and Instagram, Horvath—who once earned a six figure paycheck and through a series of events became homeless for a short time—has given America’s 633,782 homeless a place to be seen and a platform upon which they can be heard. The @Home Campaign is about “turning apathy into action…and inspiring people to help solve homelessness in their own backyards.”

Now, through the @Home Campaign on, Horvath is working with Kindling Group (begun in 2002 by Danny Alpert) to get funding to finish their @Home – The Documentary. Kindling Group followed Horvath all around the country as he interviewed homeless people and put their stories online. Rob Schmitz of reported in 2010 that “Chris Brogan is the author of Trust Agents, a New York Times bestseller about social media (and) he says marks a new way of supporting a social cause—not through some big non-profit, but directly through one person doing one good thing.”


Peter; photo by Mark Edwards

To learn more, visit:
MHorvath on Facebook
More articles about Mark Horvath at NPR and Huffington Post

Watch the trailer for @home:

@Home Campaign donation page at – 19 days left. Campaign ends Friday, May 17th at 11:59 p.m. PST.

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