Fundraising Art Party

May 26, 2015

val_echavarriaAvenue 50 Studio in Highland Park is an art complex, a venue for all sorts of get-togethers: exhibits, group shows, readings, lectures, open mic nights, live music, classical guitar workshops, and photography workshops.

Last November, Avenue 50 acquired a large space within the building where the gallery currently exists: “Avenue 50 Studio has expanded, and we’re feeling the growing pains!”

On May 30th, Ricardo and Maria Teresa Muñoz will open their home in Pasadena for Avenue 50’s “Art Party” fundraiser and it’s said that “Ricardo likes to party.”

Live music will be provided by Carlos Guitarlos and Sin Color, and Señor Fish is donating the nosh.

An art auction features works by Bobby Rojas, Cidne Hart, David Botello, Joe Bravo, Jose Lopes, Jose Ramirez, Kevin Hass, Kiki Eder, Linda Arreola, Margaret Garcia, Martin Charlot, Mita Cuaron, Ralph Massey, Nan Wollman, Peter Hess, Ramon Ramirez, Raoul De la Sota, Roberto Gutierrez, Ron J. Llanos, Sergio Teran, Wayne Healy, Magdalena and Val Echavarria.

Also, Ricardo will give a guided tour of the art that he and Maria have collected over the last twenty years.




Ave. 50 Studio’s Fundraising Art Party
Saturday, May 30th, 2-6 p.m.
Home of Ricardo & Maria Teresa Muñoz, Pasadena
Cost: $50 per person
For more info, call Kathy at 1.323.258.1435



Carlos Guitarlos




Image, top right: Work by Val Echavarria of Casa Marengo Studio at Avenue 50.



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