Free Mulch!

Jul 27, 2015

mulch-ring-around-fernMulch is the answer!

Not completely, but it’s a wonderful means for retaining moisture in the soil, controlling weeds, and even giving a finishing touch to a lawn.

Julie Gutierrez, Pasadena Assistant City Manager, explains that “by mulching and re-purposing tree trimmings from Pasadena street trees, we divert material from our landfill and reduce carbon emissions from truck trips to the landfill.”

Residents’ desire for mulch has been increasing, so in response, Pasadena’s Department of Public Works has been organizing pick-up locations for its free Mulch-Give-Away Program.

Free mulch will be available on July 31st at Robinson Park during park hours—or until the mulch runs out.

Fact we did not know: “Mulch also protects the soil from the impact of raindrops that can cause crusting and prevents the germination of seedlings.” Thank you, City of Pasadena.

Free Mulch Give-Away
Friday, July 31st, 6 a.m.-10 p.m. or while supplies last
Robinson Park, 1081 N. Fair Oaks Ave., Pasadena
Location: southern parking lot (just north of W. Mountain St.)
For more info, call 1.626.744.7311
Or visit


Future dates for Free Mulch Give-Away are August 28th, September 25th, and October 23rd.







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