Feeling Cynical? Not With These Girls on Our Side!

Oct 27, 2011

Anne Marquardt and Sarah Gilman with playful therapy puppets

When the next cynical curmudgeon says, “This generation of kids is so self-absorbed—with their noses stuck in their electronics—the future of our country is doomed,” remember Sarah Gilman and Anne Marquardt. With these young philanthropists leading the way, we’re pretty confident the future looks really, really good.

A neighbor of Anne’s had breast cancer. This inspired these girls to hold a bake sale and donate their earnings of $275 to the Children’s Corner at Cancer Support Community Pasadena, so they could purchase therapy puppets, designed specifically for therapists to use with children, to help them express their feelings when a parent or another person in their life is dealing with cancer.

Anne is an 8th grader at Mayfield Junior School. She swims and plays soccer, but still found time to play and babysit with her neighbor’s children while the mother attended chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

Sarah is a sophomore at Flintridge Prep. She puts in miles at the pool, too, and also enjoys football. She walked with family and friends to raise money for City of Hope.

Children’s Corner is a support group for kids from 6 to 12 years old who have a parent or loved one with cancer. The group meets twice a month, offering children instruction about how to constructively express their fears and helping them address their anxieties as their loved one goes through treatment. Professional therapists utilize play, art, music, yoga and guided imagery.

So thank you, Anne and Sarah for your ability at such a young age to look beyond your teenage concerns, engage with the world to make others aware of significant issues, and take action to help other children.

Cancer Support Community Pasadena
200 E. Del Mar Blvd., Suite 118, Pasadena
For more information, visit Children’s Corner






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