“Divorce Options” Workshop

May 31, 2015

600px-Clasped_hands She’s been described as tactful, inspiring, and empowering by Scott Yonehiro of First Security Lending.

Ria Severance is an executive development consultant at EDC and is a certified mediator and licensed psychotherapist On June 9th, she’ll be participating in a Pasadena Collaborative Divorce (PCD) free workshop at Pasadena Central Library.

How does one preserve respect—for oneself and one’s soon-to-be ex-spouse—during the ordeal of a divorce? How does one keep the mind focused and astute while weathering the emotional minefield of anger, pain, loss, and even despair, let alone understand the legal and financial issues?




PCD’s trained divorce coaches, child and co-parenting specialists, financial professionals, and family law attorneys will be on site to explain divorce options (self-representation, mediation, collaborative, and traditionally litigated), the pros and cons and relative costs of each, divorce-related terms, and which approach may provide the desired outcome.


“Divorce Options” Free Workshop
Tuesday, June 9th, noon-1:30 p.m.
Pasadena Central Library, 285 E. Walnut St. 91101
Held in the Donald E. Wright Auditorium
Free, though reservations required
For more info, call Ria Severance at 1.626.354.4334
Or visit


Collaborative Divorce is a new model that allows couples to separate/divorce more respectfully and honorably, while supporting restructured family relationships going forward. Avoiding court and litigation costs, Collaborative Divorce ensures couples decide their own family’s future with an interdisciplinary team. At Pasadena Collaborative Divorce, lawyers, licensed mental health professionals and a CPA form a team to support couples through a cost-effective resolution. (PCD)








“Ria Severance gets behind and magnifies the best part of a person in a way that profoundly empowers, while putting personal challenges in clear, manageable perspective. What you see is what you get.… Don’t miss an opportunity to work with this woman!”
Ellen Snortland, journalist, lawyer, author of Beauty Bites Beast, playwright and performer (Now That She’s Gone), film-maker, and international women’s rights activist and advocate.




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