Clean Out Your Art Supplies for Room 13

Jul 28, 2013

art-supplies-smHopefully, you read our post a couple of weeks ago about art supplies needed for the new Room 13 for students at San Rafael Elementary School.

Saturday, August 3rd is the last and Grand Receiving Day for donations and will also entail continuing clean-up.

Clean out those closets, boxes, shelves, and bins. Help nurture the creative drive in young kids who are just learning to express themselves—an indispensable and vital ability that will benefit them all of their lives.

Wish List:

  • pencils, pens, colored pens, crayons, paint, paint brushes, containers for paint, markers, calligraphy pens, ink pads, stamps
  • paper, sketch pads, canvases or anything else that can be painted on, decorative papers
  • yarn and knitting or crochet materials
  • rulers, T-squares, aprons, smocks
  • fabric, sewing scraps, buttons, ribbons, needles, thread, sewing scissors
  • art books, photography books, bookshelves, easels
  • plastic bowls and plates, bean bag chairs, outdoor furniture

What else is in your closet, way at the back, just out of reach? Do you really need it? Could it be used in an art piece?

Room 13: San Rafael Donation Day!
Saturday, Aug. 3rd, 8 a.m.-3 p.m.
San Rafael Elementary School
1090 Nithsdale Road, Pasadena 91105
For more info, visit

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