Bags & Bubbles

Feb 2, 2014

Designer_HandbagIts the inaugural Bags & Bubbles. “Bags” because a silent auction will have high-end designer bags waiting for your bids and “bubbles” because champagne will flow with various kinds and plenty of tastings.

Thursday, February 27th, the efforts to open the Southern California Children’s Museum continues with this fundraiser they hope to make an annual event. Huntington Catering will provide the hors d’oeuvres and Règne Salon in Old Pasadena is offering courtesy dry styling and touch-ups.

Catherine Welch is founder and president of the all-volunteer Board of Directors. The stated mission is to create a children’s museum—designed for kids under the age of eight—dedicated to the arts, culture, and the humanities, emphasizing Southern California.

Southern California Children’s Museum, Inc.’s mission is to cultivate a child’s wonder, stimulate curiosity, and motivate learning. Exhibits and activities will be play-based and focused on developing a child’s gross and fine motor skills, while incorporating dramatic play elements.

Our goal is to bring an environment focused on early childhood education to our newest generation while offering them a place to create lifelong memories. (text courtesy of SCCM)

Exhibit ideas that are being considered are diverse, sound incredibly fun, and make us eager and restless to see a computer-generated model of the concepts:

  • Will there be overnights at the Griffith Park Observatory camping exhibit?
  • Will bathing attire be required at the Santa Monica Pier exhibit, hard hats in the Construction Zone exhibit, and long waits in the waiting room at the Doctor’s Office exhibit?
  • Real produce at the Farmers’ Market exhibit?
  • Drama and music will be encountered at the Hollywood Bowl exhibit and little minds may be expanded or blown at the possible LACMA Urban Light Sensory exhibit.
  • Finally, Pasadena gets acknowledged with the potential Rose Float Arts & Crafts exhibit.

Bags & Bubbles
Thursday, Feb. 27th, 6-8:30 p.m.
Règne Salon,
Tickets:  $75 each, purchase here
For more info, visit




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