Woe is We

Aug 13, 2011

The pundits have decided that America is depressed. It’s “Mourning in America” according to CNN. (Not to be “blunt,” but I’d really like to leave a depression in the head of the guy who came up with that headline.) The right is blaming the left, the left is blaming the right while the economy sinks further into its own sad malaise. If this were an old movie, Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney would be figuring out how to put on a show to boost neighborhood morale. In our world, however, everyone is just arguing with each other on the Internet.

The talking heads are right. After months and months of economic woe, endless wars, record unemployment, natural disasters and every single bit of information ever known or ever to be known about Casey Anthony — the country is seriously bummed out. We can’t even watch a sitcom without being bombarded with drug company commercials about all of the deadly health problems we might have.

We all need cheering up. This is bound to help.

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