The Parrot Whisperer

Jul 19, 2012

Last year I had the great fortune of meeting and chatting with Mark Bittner. (Read my interview with him here.) You may remember him as the subject of the award winning 2005 documentary The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill.

I’ve often wondered if South Pasadena had its very own parrot whisperer. You know, a special human being closely connected to our own flock.
I have my answer!
Take a look at the parrot magnetism above. Ever wonder what happens to the little baby parrots who fall out of those nests waaaaaaay up high in the trees? Well, if they’re fortunate enough to be discovered by Yvonne, they get rehabilitated and given the all around royal parrot treatment. Here, Yvonne hangs out with Lucky, her latest rescue. Lucky screeched at me when I got too close to the great human love of his life, but he was kind enough to let me photograph him from a few feet away. (Finally! I managed to grab a shot of one of South Pasadena’s parrots up close and in focus!)
Friendship. It’s for the birds — and us, too.

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