The Goddess Lounge

Jul 22, 2012

“Ok. So I’m on my way to The Goddess Lounge, the coffee house/knitting salon/menstrual palace that Fox News calls, ‘A man-hating elevator to hell, another example of debauched LA, a sinful hideaway for modern-day polytheists and the Hollywood types who forever confuse spiritual wholeness with liberal narcissism.’

Yeah. It’s not a good morning.”

Thus begins the first chapter of The Goddess Lounge, the debut novel by South Pasadena’s own Margaret Finnegan. Margaret charmed everyone who attended her book signing and reading yesterday at SPACE Arts Center. Many of you already know Margaret’s writing from her hilarious and inspiring blog Finnegan Begin Again. Well, everyone should put her new book at the top of their summer reading list. The Goddess Lounge is funny, smart, magical and undoubtedly the coolest riff on The Odyssey ever devised. (Yeah, Margaret manages to be super brainy and hysterical all at the same time. A goddess in her own right, that Margaret.)

San Gabriel Valley locals, you can find The Goddess Lounge at Vromans — that way you will support not one but two of our local treasures. For everyone else, it’s here at Amazon and here at Barnes Noble.
(Go ahead and read the entire first chapter right here!)

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