Surreal Night

Aug 6, 2009

71bdc surreal+night Surreal Night  photoIf film is a warm classic, then digital is a cool avant-garde…

I couldn’t resist stopping the car and trying to capture the dramatic summer moon last night as it dangled over a sparkling Los Angeles — despite the fact that I had the lesser of my two cameras and no tripod. Still, my little digital maverick surprised me with this groovy rendering of a surprisingly psychedelic sky. It’s almost as if my camera decided it was Kirlian and started picking up the regional aura.

Yeah, it’s grainy and blurred (where was that tripod!?)but I love the way the digital sensor seems to illuminate an impression of the surreal Southern California spirit.

71bdc 4926759868384604174 842335432017805108?l=southpasadena.blogspot Surreal Night  photo

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