Storms and Lights

Nov 21, 2010

Ordinarily, rainy weather makes me feel poetic and snuggly. Yesterday, for whatever reason, all of the soggy gray just bummed me out. I’m tempted to post a Sylvia Plath poem or link to some naval-gazing mid-90s trance music on YouTube.

I am resisting the urge to compare the fall season’s chilly drizzle with middle age and its inbetween-ness — not exuberantly, flowery summer hot, but not yet settled into winter’s clarity. Just dull and irritating…

Because that would be as obnoxious as all of that mid-90s trance music.

So, instead I’ll just post a picture of Jasleen’s mosaic lamps. They’re bright and lovely in any weather — and I’m sure there’s some uplifting symbolism in there somewhere.

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