South Pas: Observed

Sep 28, 2011

Attention coffee and photography lovers…

This Saturday, October 1, from 4-6PM, the uber-cool Charlie’s Coffee House is hosting a reception for my photo exhibit, South Pas: Observed. (Long-time Glimpses readers will recognize many of the photos.)

I must say, it’s pretty cool to have so many of my shots hanging in my favorite coffee house. I credit Charlie’s fabulous proprietress Kelly with making me a hopeless addict introducing me to Jameson Brown coffee. I’ve met many a deadline with the help of a large size brew with half and half. (Just don’t drink more than one a day. True, you might feel inspired to learn Japanese in a single afternoon but, then again, your head might explode.)

It was hard to choose the shots to include, but I think I’ve managed to come up with photographs that represent many of the aspects we all love about South Pasadena. Stop by the reception to see them, and to say hi!

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