Smoke World

Sep 2, 2009

The good news? Finally, a number other than 5%. As I write this shortly after midnight, authorities claim the Station Fire is 22% contained. Sure, that could change on a dime, and a 120,000+ acre wildfire that is 78% uncontained is still terrifying, but we’ll all take what we can get.

The bad news? Smoke. Smoke is EVERYWHERE. It permeates everything, even laundry in the dryer. It stretches out over Los Angeles like fog from a classic noir film. Radio stations reported people smelling the stuff as far away as Vegas.

But it’s not just the smell of smoke that affects you, it’s the way it changes the light. It’s kind of like the light during a partial solar eclipse. If anyone has ever been in theatre, think of a half-dimmed spotlight with an amber gel.

This is the view from Arroyo Drive just before sunset yesterday. See what I mean?

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