Sign of Bygone Days

Nov 6, 2011

If you walk along the south side of Mission, you’ll notice this unassuming little marker for a former South Pasadena ice cream parlor. For almost forty years, Fosselman’s served up homemade frozen treats in the historical Ong Building, on the corner of Mission and Fair Oaks across from Fair Oaks Pharmacy.

When the lovely glazed-brick building opened in 1911, it was hailed as the pride of the South Pas merchant community — noted for being the largest, most opulent business structure in town. Although the building served as an address for institutions as diverse as South Pasadena Savings bank and Chaffee’s Basket Grocery, one of the most beloved tenants was Fosselman’s Ice Cream and Coffee Shop.
When Fosselman’s opened its doors in 1937, Depression-weary South Pas residents could treat themselves to a double dipped cone for only a nickel. (Those who wanted to splurge could order a large malt for a dime.) For decades, San Gabriel Valley ice cream lovers flocked to the South Pas shop for frozen confefections made by hand.
In 1974, the Ong Building was demolished, giving way to the unremarkable bank building that still stands.
(Today we can enjoy the legendary yumminess of Fosselman’s ice cream — still made with love by the Fosselman family — at Busters or at the Fosselman’s store in Alhambra.

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