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Apr 2, 2011

The businesses on Fair Oaks have been seriously hurt due to the construction project. Some of them will no longer be there by the time the project is finished. What nobody has explained to me is how this plan is going to help our city. I’ve heard talk about how it is “necessary.” (Why, exactly?) I’ve heard that the design will assist traffic flow. (By cutting it off?) I have heard that the business district will prosper. (By virtue of dying and going to business heaven? Because so many people will want to visit South Pas to get stuck in traffic and look at new street lamps?) I’ve heard that “we have to go through with the plan,” which reminds me of a doctor telling a patient “we have to finish the treatment prescribed” which looks okay on paper but is, in fact, killing the patient.

Several decades-established businesses have already lost their leases. Countless employees have lost their jobs. This is not some abstract idea of economic challenge — this is the wholesale destruction of our business district. Where is the leadership to rethink this project? At this point, the city is landscaping a yard for a house that is uncontrollably burning to the ground.

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