Rosette, Shmosette

Oct 8, 2011

We spent hours at Urgent Care, and then even more hours in the Huntington Hospital ER with Little Bit last night. I’m worn out — though not as worn out as a sweet 6 year old with 104 degree fever who had to have a chest X-ray, a bunch of lab tests and a near-miss with a lunatic Urgent Care doctor who tried to order a lumbar puncture and CT scan. Calmer heads prevailed at the hospital, and we’re home with what looks like one hell of a nasty stomach bug.

It appears the Kindergarten Rhinovirus Fairy’s 1st grade replacement is much more bad-ass, with a new slew of nasty illnesses in her arsenal.

At any rate, here’s a lovely little detail from the recently restored Comerica Bank Building. Talk amongst yourselves while I have a small nervous breakdown.

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