Pondering on a Summer Morning

Jul 26, 2012

There are flowers on the table, coffee is brewing and the parrots are gathering in the camphor trees above my house. I know it’s the big things in life that we always remember — the births and deaths and graduations, the promotions and colossal failures and serendipitous acts of grace.

But I wish we’d remember more of the little moments. You know what I mean … all their clarity, ease and boring, wonderful idleness.
I’m sure I won’t remember these specific pink roses from Trader Joes. Not after a few weeks, anyway. I’ll remember the concept of pink roses from Trader Joes — after all, they’re always there and always bright and ridiculously beautiful — but I probably won’t remember these roses. Little Bit picked them out the other day because “they looked like they needed us.”
(Well, maybe I’ll remember them now.)

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