Kat Tale

Mar 14, 2010

Why am I posting a picture of my cat Mirabelle? Well, she is a resident of South Pasadena. (A very pampered, very spoiled resident…) But this picture is also my attempt to approximate some of the wonderful shots of another San Gabriel Valley resident named Kat — the blogmistress of Pasadena, 91105 and Beyond.

Kat’s blog is a recent addition to the City Daily Photo family. She describes her pictures as “found moments” with serendipity playing a large part in what she shoots. It is any wonder I’m crazy about her work? Kat’s whimsical, color-saturated slices of San Gabriel Valley life are a joy to behold. She truly captures the ordinary as extraordinary — from the dreamlike view of a tree that grows both oranges and lemons to the in-your-face macro shot of her mother’s new puppy. Clicking through her posts is like flipping through a fabulous technicolor storybook. Did I mention that many of the shots were taken with her iPhone?! All this and she can write, too.

You may have already been introduced to Kat’s blog by our good friend Petrea at Pasadena Daily Photo. But if not, click here to visit Pasadena, 91105 and Beyond.

Welcome to the San Gabriel Valley blogger family, Kat!

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