Just Thinking…

Sep 13, 2011

Walt Whitman once said that every moment of light and dark is a miracle. I have always read the quote out of context, so I have no idea if he was referring to the blessing of both joy and sorrow, or something esoteric like mankind’s dual nature. Maybe he was just musing on just how cool it is to play with matches. (Come to think about it, all those things are pretty amazing.)

It’s a lovely thought, really. The miracle of light and dark. In our current Us vs. Them culture, everything from natural disasters to local politics gets rubber stamped as either GOOD or EVIL. Despite our complex HD technology and ability to map most of the human genome, we’re still basically a black and white world, willing to paint everything with broad strokes.

Even so, there’s an infinite amount of grayscale in there if we just pay attention. And every bit of it is miraculous.

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