Heirloom Bakery

Sep 30, 2011

It spent a particularly lovely morning at Heirloom Bakery on Wednesday. The air was calm and cool, the coffee was strong and hot, and the food — the food!!! The food was so fresh and yummy I wanted to order seconds.

When you’re gluten-intolerant like I am, you don’t usually gravitate to anything with the word bakery in it. Lucky for me, Heirloom also makes simply delicious eggs served with thick slices of bacon and to-die-for roasted potatoes. (And I am pretty sure the sliced tomatoes on the side of my plate were from the Farmers Market.)

For those of you who don’t have to avoid bread and pastry, Heirloom sure offers a tempting array of baked goodies. Plus, the cafe is now open for dinner, too.

In case you guys haven’t figured it out yet, I’m a big cheerleader when it comes to South Pasadena’s small business owners. Locally owned restaurants like Heirloom literally give South Pas its flavor. Get our there and indulge! (Just don’t try to steal any potatoes off my plate. Seriously, get your own.)

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