Gates (#7)

Nov 20, 2011

If you walk through the gates of the historic Baranger Studios today, you’re probably seeing your CPA or ophthalmologist. Back in 1925, however, the site was home to makers of “electric motions for jewelry stores.”

Electric what for what?

Jewelers went all out to be competitive in the original decade of bling. In order to lure more customers into their stores, they relied on mechanical displays that were as imaginative and quirky as the jazz age itself. It wasn’t enough to have diamond bracelets worthy of Theda Bara. Those bracelets needed to be displayed with something like this or this.
Baranger Studios produced these wondrous machines from 1925-1959. It’s just another example of South Pasadena’s whimsical and unusual past. (You can read more about Baranger Studios here and here.)
And thus, I close the gate on my Week of South Pasadena gates. I definitely need to revisit this subject. There are so many more to explore!

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