Freeway Noir: 1

Sep 24, 2012
c0c3b Stuck+in+Traffic+1 Freeway Noir: 1  photo

Anyone who lives in Southern California knows that being stuck in traffic for too long can make you feel dark and paranoid.  With that in mind, this week I bring you a series of shots taken while stuck in traffic on the 110, trying to get back to South Pas.  From the 4-level to the tunnels, Los Angeles offers the perfect noir landscape.  Anyway, you guys know that I love a chance to pretend like I’m the lovechild of John Alton and Dorothy B. Hughes…

It’s Freeway Noir Week, everyone.  A series of shots from the 110 freeway, en route to South Pas.  

Disclaimer: DUH!  I wasn’t shooting while I was driving.  Haven’t any of you heard of carpooling?

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